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Golden Shield successfully completes altitude drop test

A group of seven members of the jinhou airdrop box scientific research team completed a 15-day altitude airdrop test. They made a successful return journey from the qinghai-tibet Plateau. For more than 10 days, under the leadership of military chiefs and experts, our airdrop box has experienced all kinds of altitude, all kinds of delivery methods, all kinds of harsh environment of extreme airdrop test, repeated airdrop, landing, impact, roll, product intact, creating a series of beautiful data Once again proved the excellent quality of the product, the project staff also experienced the early scientific research and exploration, day and night work, and the Plateau Hypoxia, cold work test, are great! Jin backing, is truly engaged in the military industry more than 20 years of old enterprises, national defense feelings, dedication has been rooted in the hearts of everyone in the enterprise, rooted in every product, every solution. With the precious experimental data, with the joy of success, with a new mission, with confidence and hope, the golden backing project team bid farewell to the expert leaders who fought side by side, and to the endless snow-covered qinghai-tibet plateau All the way back through the snow. Good-bye! Dear and honourable heads of experts, thank you for giving the Golden Shield such an important R & D Mission, the Golden Shield will rise to the expectations, scale new heights, overcome difficulties in airdrop equipment, and achieve new achievements, so that our equipment can be delivered more quickly, accurately and safely Golden backing will spare no effort, equipment is strong national defense, national defense is strong, our responsibility is to develop a world-class air drop box products, golden backing people will never forget this heart, always remember the mission!

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