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Recruitment notice
Jinshi Special Equipment Manufacturing Group is an industrial enterprise group dominated by military equipment manufacturing. It is a research and development undertaking enterprise of the People's Liberation Army of China. It has four qualifications of military equipment research and production. It is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Secondary Secret Unit, the Research and Production License Unit of Weapon Equipment, the Qualification Unit of Weapon Equipment Undertaking, and the National Torch Plan. High-tech enterprises in Hebei Province and key enterprises supported by the government of Hebei Province have all kinds of qualifications. The Group's business areas involve the production, manufacture and sale of military vehicles, special vehicles, military shelters, military roll-forming equipment boxes, field command tables and chairs, military beds, precision machinery manufacturing, vehicle accessories, etc. There are more than 80 kinds of military products in the whole army, which have a history of more than ten years.
The company is a designated manufacturer of military products with regular management. The company has canteens and dormitories. After rectification, it pays 5 Insurance and pays wages on time every month.
As the company expands its operations and undertakes the research and development tasks of new equipment, it needs to recruit high-end technology and management personnel. See the following page for detailed recruitment plan.
Company long-term recruitment part-time sales, project personnel, looking forward to your joining, specific matters telephone consultation.
Unit Address: 689 Yurangqiao Road, Xingtai City. Take Xindian Station (Jinshi Group) on 22, 35, 9, 108 and 109 roads to get off.
Company mailbox: jinhoudun
Contact number: 0319-3656132 3656168 Ms. Du, Ms. Sun

Jinshi Group Recruitment Plan

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