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Hebei Jinbei Plastics Co., Ltd. is affiliated with the Jinbei Special Equipment Manufacturing Group and is a civilian-military integrated enterprise with four major military qualifications. Since 1996, Has been committed to providing integrated solutions for the packaging, storage, transportation, delivery, and battlefield use of military equipment and materials.
金In 2000, Jin Zui invented the innovative products of the 4X field equipment box group to fill the gaps in the country and won the second prize for the Advancement of military science and technology, becoming a standard equipment installed in the entire army. In 2017, it successfully developed a high-strength ultra-light air-carrier box group, once again filling domestic gaps and leading the world in technology. In the past two decades, Jinbei has continued to innovate. It has developed hundreds of products, listed dozens of military projects, and provided millions of products to the entire army, covering all branches and arms of the entire army.

The company's registered capital is 120 million yuan, covering an area of 384 acres and a factory building of 38,000 square meters. By joining the 3rd Infantry Regiment and 1st Battalion of the Reserve Division of the People's Liberation Army of Hebei Province, the PLA implemented militarized management of its employees and conducted regular military training, forming a professional military research and development production team with a strong sense of obedience to service and commitment to national defense modernization.
It has won 71 national patents and 3 invention patents. It has won the second prize and third prize for military scientific and technological progress several times. Jinbei is a national second-level confidential enterprise, a national industry standard drafter, a military standard provider, and a well-known trademark in China. National high-tech enterprises, It has passed the certification of the quality management system for weapons and equipment, the environmental management system, and the occupational health and safety management system. The materials of the military packaging box and box produced by the gold backing can be reused, and the production process is pollution-free, which conforms to the requirements of environmental protection and safe production.

Today, Jinbei has become the leading military packaging company in China. The company is in line with the National military-civilian integration development strategy, the National green development and innovative development strategy, the national brand strategy, the great country craftsman spirit, the circular economy, and the high-quality development strategy. In 2019, Jinbei Group will respond to the call of the government and comply with the requirements of upgrading and upgrading the third-generation equipment of the military. It will implement a comprehensive transformation and opening up, expand its scale, and realize intellectualization, automation, and scale. We will build China's largest, most professional, and most complete military and civilian integrated intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing military packaging R&D and production bases, build military packaging supermarkets, and realize that "as long as we find gold backing, we can always find suitable military packaging". To make greater contribution to the modernization of national defense equipment!

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