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Golden backing organization of innovative competition activities

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新闻摘要:Innovation is the foundation of development. Gold backing is based on innovation, innovation

Innovation is the foundation of development. Gold backing is based on innovation, innovation, and innovation. In recent years, we have innovated and developed a high-strength ultra-light air-carrier box group, once again filling domestic gaps and leading the world in technology. It has overcome technical problems such as gas density, flame retardant, antistatic, electromagnetic shielding, and infrared stealth. The successfully developed missile packaging series products have now been put into use by the troops. Gold backing in 2018 was once again recognized as a high-tech enterprise. .. .. .. .. .. Successive achievements show that innovation has become an important label and internal driving force of the golden backing. It has developed high-quality in innovation, made unremitting innovations in development, and made more contributions to the cause of national defense.
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Jinbei Group organized the "Intelligent Innovation, Quality and Efficiency Competition" under the leadership of Chairman Liyanping. The event was launched at the end of November 2018. In just over two months, everyone actively signed up and received nearly 300 entries. It covered various innovations in various work modules of various departments and staff, and participated in various forms. It is refreshing.
The competition officially kicked off on January 26, 2019. The participating projects included design and equipment innovation, new product development, new material application, intelligent reform, new publicity channels, new energy use, new project development, and the use of personal wisdom. Quality and efficiency.
From January 26th to January 29th, all the participants of the Jinbei team reported on the entries, and the selection team headed by Chairman Li scored the entries.
After intense competition, the special prize, first prize, second prize, third prize and encouragement award for 33 awards were finally selected.
On the occasion of the New Year, Kim Jong-il held a grand award ceremony for "smart innovation and efficiency competition" and "points system" award ceremony. Chairman Li commended and rewarded the winners.
The success of the "Smart Innovation, Quality and Efficiency Competition" event has set off a storm of wisdom and innovation, providing employees with opportunities to demonstrate and learn. It also creates an atmosphere of quality and efficiency for the company. Later, this activity will become a regular activity. Intelligent innovation and quality and efficiency will become a regular state of the company.
President Xi said: "The bell of the New Year has rung, a new chapter is about to be opened, and we are all striving for a new era. We are all dreamers. The road to dreams is never easy. Happiness is a struggle. " In the new year, roll up your sleeves and do it!
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