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[Headline Today] National People's Congress deputy and chairman of Kim Liyanping: Help military logistics and win in the

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新闻摘要:Industrial innovation and upgrading have become the key to social development. As the military industry that is firmly backed by the country's

"High-quality development is a must, not only a national requirement, but also a need for the development of the company itself. If the company does not mention quality development, it will eventually be eliminated by the market. As a representative of a private enterprise, during the two sessions, the National People's Congress, the chairman and general manager of the Jinbei Special Equipment Manufacturing Group, Liyanping, accepted an exclusive interview with the media reporter of the modern logistics newspaper.
Industrial innovation and upgrading have become the key to social development. As the military industry that is firmly backed by the country's military strength, it has also actively explored research and development in new technologies, new materials, and new technologies. It has become an important force for promoting innovation and upgrading of China's military industry.
Self-research and development results into the fast track of high-end manufacturing development
Since 1996, it has been committed to providing integrated solutions for the packaging, storage, transportation, delivery, and battlefield use of military equipment materials. It has developed from a local small enterprise into a leading enterprise in the military industry with military qualifications, filling many gaps in China, drafting industry standards, national high-tech enterprises, and military packaging industry.
Liyanping to the modern logistics newspaper media reporters, in order to achieve high-quality development, innovation is the same choice. The Golden Shield Group always regards the goal of strengthening the military as the mission of enterprise development and regards innovation as the driving force of enterprise development. "The ultimate of enterprise development is innovation, which is your brand strategy. Taking innovation development and high-quality development as the ultimate goal of pursuit, we will win a dividend from our brand on an international competition stage. "The realization of one goal proves her success. The company has accumulated more than 60 national patents and two invention patents in the innovation research phase. It has won the second prize and third prize for military scientific and technological progress many times. At present, the third generation intelligent AirDrop kit group has been developed to obtain the patent for AirDrop invention.
At the same time, Jinbei has also become a national industry standard drafter, military standard provider, a well-known Chinese trademark, and a national high-tech enterprise. It also has high-end customized platforms and military integrated solutions that can solve personalized needs and equipment transportation storage and use integrity.

"Last mile" to the battlefield

In today's world, military science and technology are changing rapidly, and the form of war and the winning mechanism are changing rapidly. For modern warfare, it requires a variety and diversity of materials, as well as precise protection models. Strengthening the serialization of military packaging is the premise and foundation of building economic, fast and efficient modern military logistics security. "As a leading enterprise in the military packaging industry, our leading products, air drop boxes, missile boxes and medical cases, can withstand a variety of transportation, land and air, a variety of climatic environments, and ensure that they are thrown from a height of 1,000 kilometers and fall heavily on the ground. Untie the bundles. Open the box, send everything to the battlefield in good condition, solve the last kilometer, reach the soldiers 'hands, and achieve "zero distance" for material protection. "Liyanping introduced. It is not only conducive to solving the problem of "the last kilometer" of the military's support, but also can promote the army's "fast and efficient" logistical support.
There are more than 600 smart box group products such as missile boxes, air delivery boxes, and high-efficiency shock absorber racks produced by Jinbei, which has reached more than 95 % of the military box market share.
In 2019, Jinbei Group will carry out a comprehensive transformation and upgrade, expand its scale, realize intelligence, automation, and scale, and build China's largest, most professional, and most complete military and civilian integrated smart manufacturing military packaging R&D and production base.
Tax cuts and fees stimulate the vitality of private enterprises
The "Government Work Report" proposed to continue to reduce the tax burden on manufacturing and small and medium-sized enterprises. "Tax cuts and fees are the policy dividends that manufacturers have been waiting for for for a long time. Now manufacturing is facing fierce competition in the market and manufacturing taxes, interest rates, labor and other costs are too high, resulting in sales prices. And crowded out the investment of innovation, production and talents, tax cuts and fees are very valuable for the high-quality continuous development of the manufacturing industry, the training of follow-up personnel, and the transformation and upgrading. " said Liyanping.
Proposal for the enactment of the Law on Promotion of Private Economic Development
The private economy is an important part of our economy, an important force for promoting the development of socialist market economy, and an important body for advancing supply-side structural reform, promoting high-quality development, and building a modern economic system.
On this occasion, the representative of Liyanping put forward suggestions for the sustainable development of private enterprises. First, to create a sound legal environment for the development of the private economy, implement the state's policy of vigorously developing the private economy, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the private economy and high-quality development. It is proposed to establish and improve the legislation system of the private economy, stimulate the vitality and creativity of the private economy, provide a level playing field for the development of the private economy, protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises, and speed up the formulation of the Law on the Promotion of Private Economic Development.
The second is that labor costs account for a large proportion of the total cost of the enterprise, but it can not calculate value-added tax deductions, bringing higher tax burdens to industries with high labor costs. In order to reduce labor and enterprise burdens, manufacturing labor costs are included in value-added tax deductions. item. At the same time, she believes that all government departments should proceed from the overall situation, strengthen organizational leadership, take responsibility, do a good job in policy coordination for enterprise development, and supervise enterprises in accordance with regulations according to law; We will select a number of key high-quality enterprises, increase government support for private enterprises, solve problems such as difficult and expensive financing for enterprises, build confidence in enterprises and achieve sustained development, and build a world brand.

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