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Great! My golden backing!

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新闻摘要:In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the private enterprise symposium, we will further implement the innovation-

In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the private enterprise symposium, we will further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, give full play to the advantages and role of private enterprises in innovation, and promote innovation and development in the private economy. The 12th China Industrial, Academic, and Research Cooperation and Innovation Conference was held at the Beijing Convention Center on January 5-6, 2019.
With a number of innovative inventions and outstanding contributions made in the military packaging industry in the past 20 years, Jinbei Group won the 2018 China Military Cooperation and Military Integration Award. Group Chairman Liyanping personally won the China Industrial, Academic and Research Cooperation Innovation Award!
The 19th CPC Central Committee member, Minister of Science and Technology, and Party Secretary Wangzhigang attended the meeting and personally presented the award, demonstrating that the country attaches great importance to the development of industrial, academic, and research cooperation and innovation!
Jinbei Group is a civilian-military integration enterprise with four major military qualifications. It is the leading construction unit of the military and civilian integration base in Hebei Province.
Since 1996, it has been committed to providing integrated solutions for the packaging, storage, transportation, delivery, and battlefield use of military equipment materials. Over the past two decades, Jinbei has continued to innovate, developing several hundred kinds of products, installing dozens of military projects, and providing millions of products to the entire army, covering all branches and arms of the entire army.
The product has won more than 60 national patents and 2 invention patents. It has won the second and third prizes for military scientific and technological progress several times. The gold backing is the National second-level confidential enterprise, the national industry standard drafter, the military standard provider, and China. Famous trademarks, national high-tech enterprises.
In 2019, Jinbei Group will respond to the call of the government and comply with the requirements of upgrading the third-generation equipment of the armed forces. It will carry out comprehensive transformation and upgrading, expand its scale, and realize intellectualization, automation, and scale. We will build China's largest, most professional, and most complete military and civilian integrated intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing military packaging R&D and production bases, build a military packaging supermarket, and realize that "as long as you come to the gold backing, you will always find a suitable military packaging box". To make greater contribution to the modernization of national defense equipment!
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