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Representative Liyanping suggested

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新闻摘要:Innovation is the first driving force behind development. The government work report proposed that i

Innovation is the first driving force behind development. The government work report proposed that innovation should guide development, foster new driving forces, and reform the research and development of innovative science and technology and the application mechanism of industrialization. In this regard, Liyanping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of the Jinbei Special Equipment Manufacturing Group, felt deeply. In her view, companies can not survive without innovation, and the market will only give opportunities to innovation leaders. Thanks to the persistence of innovation and development, Jinbei Group has tirelessly pursued innovation and high quality, and has gradually grown into a domestic military packaging leader. It successfully obtained the invention patent of the first AirDrop ammunition box group in China, filling the domestic gap in this field and leading the world in technology. On this basis, enterprises continue to meet the needs of the country's strategic development, comprehensively transform and upgrade, and promote the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in an intelligent, automated and large-scale manner.

The representative of Liyanping said that by strengthening inclusive support and reforming and improving the financial support mechanism, the state has encouraged social entities to innovate and start their own businesses, built a soft environment conducive to innovation, and provided private enterprises with "reassurance". In the new round of global economic transformation and upgrading, it has given rise to dazzling "China". The representative of Liyanping suggested that the state should give various support and assistance to key industries and high-quality enterprises to enhance confidence in the development of enterprises, so that they can rely on investment, concentrate on innovation, and pool strength to build national brands.

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